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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My trip in Berlin/ Thank you Friends

How is everyone doing for the past week? I came back to Hong Kong on Monday night and it has been a ride. Honestly I thought it would be more dangerous to travel alone but the city is safe in general, only at night there are some drunk men but that's about it.  Berlin was great. It was kind of like New York, very artistic, fresh air. The subway system was very similar to NewYork except you don't need to go through a gate to get into the subway station. I find that very interesting. I bought a 6 days Welcome Card which cost £42 and nobody actually checked if I bought the ticket on the train. It's fascinating. I guess Germans disciplined and honest enough to not have people checked whether they bought a ticket or not. Other than that people love partying, having fun, and they are all about finding freedom. Some people party through out the weekend. They stay in the same club from Friday to Sunday. The night life is getting big in Berlin. One thing I noticed though was that people are less judgemental and arrogant which made me feel a lot more comfortable than being in New York, and also the atmosphere was more chilled and relax. The weather is beautiful. It was not too hot and has wind on sunny days; it was a bit cold but no too bad on rainy days actually. 
Anyways, I brought many books with me to read over there but I didn't had much time to sit down and read because there were too many cool places and things I want to explore, visit, and see, which was completely opposite of my plan. I went to a couple of museums, coffee shops, design book stores, parks and street markets (in which I would show you guys in a travel vlog soon! So stay tuned for my first video and I hope you guys are as excited as me and will enjoy! I can't wait to show you the fun stuff in motion! ) Oh and I can't help to notice that the architectures are so beautiful everywhere I go. Every building is uniquely designed, clashed with graffitis and paintings on the walls very cool. I honestly wish that I could stay longer. And I hope this travel experience will be inspiration for me whether in acting or fashion design. 
I caught up with my thoughtful college friend who kindly shared a room with me during my visit and made a few new friends over there, which was awesome. They are all really nice, friendly and loving. You know, people who are so down to earth and vulnerable are so rare nowadays and when you finally meet someone like that, you feel so special. 
Now, I don't know if it's because I have grown up and entered the adult world or has the world actually turned into a colder society, but before I went to Berlin, my family was actually really worried and scared that I was going to get kidnapped, rapped or killed under some sketchy situation LOL. Honestly, I was afraid too at the time. (but Berlin is not THAT dangerous if you are not too stupid and watch out for yourself haha) We went into a conversation about how you cannot trust people so easily these days. People get sued for helping an injured old lady on the street, or rescuing a person who was dying in China. What?! The world is so messed up. People get sued for showing empathy and kindness. My phone was out of battery a couple of times in Hong Kong and when I asked people if I could borrow theirs to call my contact, they simply refused with cold eyes, as if I were going to steal their phones. Sometimes, I want to ask for directions but people would just ignore me or say no before I even open my mouth. Mmm.... I felt like I was living in Antartica, how cold and icy! How I wish that people could just show a bit of care and be helpful to one another. At the same time, my friend encountered numerous scams for helping others, only knowing the person she helped out appeared at the same spot, at the same time the week after. It is becoming harder and harder to trust each other. How sad is that! 
And that is exactly why I am so grateful to have friends that can talk and laugh about stupid things but can also share our deepest thoughts and moments together with trust. Oh this world honestly needs more love and compassion! I am so happy that I met many kindhearted and real friends this year and I hope I can continue opening up and be more sociable to build more relationships and bond with new people and old friends in the upcoming year in New York. Good times fly and it has been a great year to have met all of you, you and you. Thank you.


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