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Monday, February 11, 2019

Necklace, Script, Coffee Shop

Happy New Year everyone! 

Now that I officially moved back to Hong Kong since August last year, I started doing auditions and filming. Im blessed to be given the opportunity to participate in a TV reality right after I got back. It helped me gain exposure and made friends who have the same passion as me, and also friends who are very supportive in my acting career.  


 Recently, I joined an acting class and learned a lot. It was a good experience. We had to act out Alma's monologue from Tennessee Williams' "Summer and Smoke". I was super happy when I found out the play in my bookshelf. I bought the script from Drama Book Store back in New York but never finished the play. I empathise Alma. Her character is strange but she is special and one of a kind. Some may mistaken her as pretentious in the society, but she is actually vulnerable, genuine  and delicate like a feather. She is attractive in her own way. 

最近,我完成了阿雞的戲劇課程,並從表演Alma在"Summer and Smoke"的獨白,學到了很多東西。剛好,我之前從紐約的Drama Book Shop買了這劇本,讓我可以更加了解Alma的人物性格。

Get it if you are round Drama Book Shop
Address : 250 West 40th Street #1, New York, NY 10018, United States

Bookshop with theater & film titles that include plays & scripts, plus in-store scene readings.

This is how it looks like  o(^▽^)o:

 (Pictures From Online)

It's near Garment District and Times Square! Highly recommend you to check out this place if you are broadway show addict! I love the atmosphere there. And I love spending my afternoon there, reading scripts, acting techniques and chatting with people. Drama Book Shop is definitely one of the things I miss about New York. I wish there is bookstore like this in Hong Kong!
超喜歡去這間店 !! Broadway Show愛好者和演員必去 Go Go Go!! 

I am still reading the script (I am a VERY slow reader hehe...) I hope I can finish it soon and move onto the next play. I miss the days at Lee Strasberg. Method acting was a good training. It gave me a taste of fearless vulnerability on stage. It was definitely one of my most fun period in my life. And taking Chicken's class also inspired me a lot, including the intensity of character's prior life and relationship with others. And active listening doesn't only apply on my partner but also on my character's lines. Chicken also gave useful tips when doing camera work.

我還在努力完成這劇本(我讀書很慢 :P 嘿嘿......)我希望能盡快讀完,再讀其他的劇本。很想念在Lee Strasberg學戲的日子,很好玩,它讓我在舞台上體驗了無所畏懼的真誠,感覺很棒很開心。

This is a cafe Kayze took me a few weeks ago, called DayNatt. It is located in Jingtian District in ShenZhen. The cafe is hidden in an office building but it is famous for its floor-to-ceiling glass window and interior design. It is filled with joyful color palette walls, furnitures and illustrations. It is a perfect location for chilling, relaxing and taking instagram photos while enjoying coffee and dessert. I'd definitely recommend this cafe if you want to get out of Hong Kong and go to somehwere close for some fresh air. Kayze said there are many cafes similar to this one in ShenZhen so I will be exploring more in the future. :) 


Adress: 2 Xin Wen Lu, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, 518034
Opening Hour: Mon to Sun 12:00-01:00 

營業時間:星期一至日 12:00-01:00

Oh ! And almost forgot to mention the gift I got from Swarovski's Spring Summer 2019 Collection. The champagne is so cute and just the right size if you want to wear something fun and subtle. 
I am really happy to add this necklace to my Swarovski collection. >v<

哦!差點忘記提到Swarovski 送出的禮物!hehe它是2019年春夏系列的香檳頸鏈,小小的,很可愛, 也很容易襯衫! 喜歡 ~! :P

(Photos taken by Kayze)
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Discovering the past


If you had to work on a Thesis project for your last year in Art School, what would you do? I wanted to make it meaningful so I decided to do my project based on my grandpa to honor him. During my research process, I found out a lot about his past, stories that I never knew, letters I never read, photos I never saw, clothes he wore, his belongings: calculator, name seal, CDs etc. While discovering all these precious pieces, I realized how little I knew about him and how much I wish I had asked him when he was still alive... He passed away in April this year and it was the most shocking experience I had in my life. I've never experience or knew the feeling when someone close passing away, but now I know. For a long while, my feelings became very numb and I couldn't cry. I was stuck. I was so glad that I was on my gap year so that I could be there for him but I still feel sad because of how little I knew about him. I never asked about his past, I don't know why, maybe because he is my grandfather and I needed to respect or... I don't know what was preventing me from asking all this time honestly. I could have done so much better but I am here now and this project is the last thing I can do for him and my family. 

Photo by Rex Ig: ry.38 | Wearing mum's Desigual dress 

Life is unpredictable, it can be short, it can be long to some people and you can never control when death is coming upon you. So treasure the ones you love and don't love because who knows what will happen tomorrow or the day after. Start being curious about people around you because everyone has a unique past and interesting stories to tell.