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Friday, November 15, 2013

Who am I?


Soooo I decided to make a blog, basically to record my life, my work and the things I like! 

And here's some basic info about myself:

My name is Katrina Chan and I am from Hong Kong. I am 19, studying at Parsons, the New School of Design in NYC. I am interested in photography, traveling, eating, art & design. I appreciate fashion but I would not consider myself as the most up to date person in the fashion world! Some people may say I am an adventurous because I like doing things spontaneously. 

How I came up with this blog name:

Well, when people first met me a few years ago, they would always be like "Oh so you are Katrina the Hurricane". Then I just created a Facebook Page called "Hurricane Katrina C" (basically blogging about things too). Later on, I felt bad about the name but I couldn't change the name on fb anymore! So here, instead of "Hurricane Katrina C",  I am naming it "Hurry, Katrina C!" cause tbh, I am always in a hurry, trying to put everything in a tight schedule!

My other social networks:

Facebook Page:
Portfolio/Design Work:

Anyways, Get to know me! :)

Photo by Frankie Yeung

Katrina C


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