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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break: Boston Day 1

Recently, I've been having trouble finding inspirations and motivations. My lack of energy has been affecting my school work, as well as my daily routine. Perhaps I am getting home sick again, as some of my high school friends are going back to Hong Kong for easter holiday. There is a part of me that wants to give up, leave and go on an adventure without telling anyone. So out of the blue, I decided to pay a visit to Boston and meet one of my high school friends, Ray.  Originally, I was only going to have dinner and leave the next morning. However, on my way to Boston, I decided to stay for the weekend as I thought it was pretty pointless to only come here for a night, and... I was actually very exhausted, I needed a break to re-boost myself.

Ray and I have known each other since year 8 so it was a big relief when I met him at the bus station (since everyone I know in New York City is still comparatively new and different). I could just be me comfortably without any scruples. As I exited the bus station, I was attracted by the buildings in front of me. I love how the old and new architectures are overlapping each other from different directions (in New York, buildings are boringly lined up according to the grid system). I noticed there are many European style architectures which certainly give off a different vibe from New York City. The tourist boat bus I saw on the street looks very funky but we did not get on one as Ray is already my tour guide for the trip! At night, Ray brought me to a local restaurant near his apartment. They had the BEST fish taco and steak taco. They were fresh and a little bit spicy, just about right. 

After our catch up session, we joined his college friends, and went to an underground concert at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Classixx was playing. It was the first time I listened to them and their dance music was awesome. They were really hot in real life as well!

We got back to his apartment pretty early after the concert. The night view of Boston is very relaxing.

Although Ray is an architecture student here in Northeastern University, he is very talented in photography as well. Therefore, we took some time to record my OOTD while exploring the city. This look involves a leather jacket over a subtle multi-color sweater from Giodarno Ladies. I like how the front and the turtle neck collar is in hot pink, and the back and the sleeves are in bright red. With this bright color sweater, my winter is not so dull anymore (Why am I still saying winter? It should be Spring now but it is unbelievably freezing). Nowadays, many fashion bloggers are playing with the shirt wrap trend and I am no exception. I actually first saw this trend coming back when I modeled for American Eagle Outfitters last year. One of the stylist looked really edgy and grungy with her shirt around the waist. Since then, I started wrapping my shirt around my waist too. Here I picked out a similar shade plaid patterned shirt to let it blend in with my sweater. To add a bit of noise, I wore a pair of drop earrings. Last but not last, of course I am wearing ripped jeans and white converse to complete this grungy look. Hope you all like this look!

Photo by Ray Lau
Esprit Leather Jacket/ Giodarno Ladies Sweater/ Uniqlo Plaid Shirt/ Zara Jeans/ White Converse/ Nasty Gal Earrings

How are you spending Spring break?



  1. katrina your pink turtle neck is so outstandingly wonderful :)

    1. Yes I love it! I want to start wearing more colors next winter!